Q: How soon after calling will a DSTV Installer be sent out to install the DSTV?

A: The call centre will log your call and set up a date for the DSTV Installer to be sent to your premises this can take up to 1 day for the installer to arrive

Q: How does the DSTV Installer know where to place the DSTV Dish?

A: The DSTV Installers are qualified and trained to know where to place the dish to receive the best signal for your decoder.

Q:  How many channels are there to choose on DSTV?

A: There are different packages to choose from, and you will be assisted in choosing the correct package for your viewing needs.  All packages are different and contain different amount of channels.

Q: Can you call the DSTV Installers shall there be an issue with the DSTV Dish and Decoder?

A: Yes, the DSTV Technicians are able to assist with any problems that may occur with your decoder or dish and will be called out to come and assist with the matter.

Q:  Does DSTV come with the latest programmes?

A: Yes DSTV receives the latest in all programmes, from News, Series and Movies.

Q; Can you upgrade Your DSTV at any point?

A: Yes, you can upgrade at any given time.