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Thirsty Thursday Cape Town Carnival Style


It’s Thursday evening and people are itching for the weekend. On these nights you’ll find people out shopping, running errands, at the bar, or relaxing at home. But oh no, not last night.  Yesterday 1000 Drawings had the pleasure of hosting a doodle session at Twenty Fifty inspired by the Cape Town Carnival along with the Creative Director Brad Baard. Not to mention all of the artistic contributors who made it out.

Among them, there were float builders, spray artists, costume makers, makeup artists, and musicians all under one roof. Now top all of that off with amazing homemade soup by Making KOS and of course Grolsch beer! Can you imagine?! If you can’t, you should probably check out our Facebook and Instagram to witness the magic!

Through out the doodle session the energy and creativity was radiating throughout the entire place. Our team firmly believes this is due to the inspiration provided by Brad Baard’s presentation. During his talk, guests had doodle equipment and the opportunity to draw their thoughts as they followed along. We got some amazing artworks. We even had Dathini Mzayiya in the house and he doodled some beautiful artworks, which will be on sale on the 28th August 2014 at the Good Hope Centre for our final exhibition!

If you think seeing is believing, then head to our other pages and see what we’re raving about for yourselves!


Until next time doodlers,

-The 1000 Drawings Team

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