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The Last Doodle Session of 2014

open design doodleopen design doodle2

The Open Design Doodle was our LAST doodle session of the year. (Commence crying) Yes, tears are being shed at the thought that we have finally reached the end of the lineup for wonderful doodle sessions. But we couldn’t have asked for a better way to end it than at City Hall, during Open Design. The place was decked out from floor to ceiling with the coolest artwork in Cape Town. People crowded into the Hall to join us for great vibes, cool performances, good people and awesome doodling. Now that the doodle sessions have to come to a close, it’s time for everyone to buy tickets, mark your calendar for our main event, Night of 1000 Drawings, this Thursday, at the Good Hope Centre and RSVP! If tickets are out of the budget, then sign up as a volunteer, the more help the merrier! Also, make sure to head to the after party at The Assembly, to celebrate the project coming to a wonderful close!


Until next time,


-The 1000 Drawings Team

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