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Frequently Asked Questions/ FAQ

When is the main event/ exhibition and where is it being held ?
The Night of 1000 Drawings Cape Town 2014 will take place on Thursday 28th August 2014 at the Good Hope Centre, 5pm, tickets will become available soon.

When is the deadline for submissions?
25th August 2014

Where can I find out about Doodle Sessions?
Keep watching the Doodle page on our website and keep up to date on our Facebook page. All doodle sessions will become events on the Facebook page

I have a finished my doodle where can I drop it or send it to?
Please take a look at our drop off points… Click here

To post drawings, please use the following address
Att: 1000 Drawings,
Twenty Fifty
1st Floor, Truth Coffee Building
36 Buitenkant St,
Cape Town

Can I submit more than one artwork ?
Yes, you may submit as many as you would like. Originals only please and photographs are welcome.

Does everything go up or is there a selection process?
Everything goes except for hate speech.

I can’t draw but I like to photograph, can I submit photographs?
Yes, you may submit photographs, we have a discount at ORMS
Please head over there pay the R4 per print and they will drop into the drop box for you.

I live outside of Cape Town, how can I get involved?
Some of the answers above will answer that and you can host a doodle session if you would like. Click here for “how to throw a doodle session”

Im from the media and Id like to know more about your project, do you have a press release?
Yes we do, please click here to gain access our press releases.

If you have any more questions, please email us, but note that we are experiencing high volumes of emails and that it might take a couple of days for us to get back to you.
Thank you
1000 Drawings Team